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DCI Degen x Magic Shiba Starter AMA

DCI Degen

Let’s go! Welcome Cedric

Magic Shiba Starter

Hey guys! Thanks @nevertrumper For having Magic Shiba Starter in DCI Degen. I look forward to participate in this AMA and tell DCI Degen more about our project

DCI Degen

For all those that did pay attention the last few days have noticed that we are doing an AMA with Magic Shiba Starter

Can you explain what Magic Shiba Starter is?

Magic Shiba Starter

Yes ofcourse! Magic Shiba Starter is a launchpad that focuses on new upcoming Shibarium projects. With the emergence of Layer2 Shibarium, there will surely be quality projects that would like to use a launchpad for additional hype. Additionally, there will also be investors seeking a safe place to invest.

With Magic Shiba Starter, we aim to be a platform for investors and projects. We screen and guide projects to ensure that their launch goes as smoothly and securely as possible. Also we want to be a platform for investors that want to invest in presale of Shibarium projects. Beside being just a platform we includes services such as KYC, assistance with anti-sniper smart contracts, liquidity locking, and more.

As experienced presale investors ourselves, we understand where the demand for these services lies.

DCI Degen

Cool. You mentioned that you are focused on Shibarium, this layer2 is not yet live. What are your plans with that?

Magic Shiba Starter

Good question. The Shibarium network is coming closer but we don’t want to wait until the Shibarium network is live, before we start. That’s why we’re launching on the ETH network and we’ll bridge to Shibarium when they are live.

We’ve also already started the process of onboarding Shibarium projects. We’ll first launch projects on another network and then guide them fully to bridge to the Shibarium network. When a project launches with us, it’s not just launching, but they’ll receive the full package from A to Z to bring their idea to market as best as possible.

DCI Degen

That sounds very promising! Does the team have much experience?

Magic Shiba Starter

Yes, definitely. We have been involved in the web3/crypto space for quite some time now. We started 2 years ago a game development studio callled CFX-Gaming that focused on Crypto Gaming, which led to the creation of Cryptopolis! Some of you may know Cryptopolis. 

We have gained a lot of experience and expanded our network through Cryptopolis. This experience and network will be used to make Magic Shiba Starter a success too!

We know exactly what it takes to run a presale smoothly, but also what it takes to manage a project after launch. After all, the adventure begins after launch.

DCI Degen

Yeah I remember Cryptopolis 👍 What is your strategy for marketing?

Magic Shiba Starter

For the people who doesn’t know CFX-Gaming and Cryptopolis below I will post some hyperlinks to see our previous expirience. 

CFX Gaming website

Cryptopolis website

Link trailer Cryptopolis

to get back on your question. We can divide our strategy into two parts: pre-launch and post-launch.


During the pre-launch phase, our main goal is to ensure that we don’t raise too much money. We want to make sure that the presale is not filled with unnecessary individuals just to raise money. To achieve this, we only invite valuable individuals/groups to participate in our KOL presale who can take the project to the next level. Also we make sure that they can’t invest too much ETH per person. 

We also believe in giving everyone an equal opportunity, which is why the presale round for the community and the Valuable Partner Round is priced the same.

We plan to hold giveaways for community members to win a spot on the whitelist. Additionally, community members can earn a whitelist spot by contributing to the project. This creates equal opportunities for all investors.


The real building process begins after launch. We aim to provide a safe environment for investors who wish to invest in presales. To achieve this, we will conduct extra checks on projects that launch through us, such as KYC checks, audits on smart contracts, LP locking, and full guidance on all processes involved in setting up a project.

DCI Degen

That’s well thought out! Now there are likely some Degens curious about your presale. Is it possible for anyone to participate in it?

Magic Shiba Starter

We have a fairly limited amount of ETH that we want to raise in total. As we mentioned before, our goal is not to raise a large amount of money from as many people as possible. We are looking for investors in our presale who add value to the project.

But we have heard that DCI Degens have one of the best communities! 👀🔥

Perhaps it would be fun to do a whitelist giveaway? But before I start the whitelist giveaway, there are two important points that I would like to mention.

1) We also have a litepaper that I would like to share with you. 

2) In addition to this whitelist giveaway, we also have a Gleam contest currently running. Shiba Wizards have the chance to win a total of 25x 0.2 ETH in whitelist spots.

🥇 25x 0,2 ETH

Gleam Campaign

➡️ Join now!  ⬅️

DCI Degen

Don’t keep us in suspense any longer, how can the DCI Degens participate?

Magic Shiba Starter

Sooo! Everyone who follows us on Twitter and comments on the pinned post with an original comment + #DCIDEGEN has a chance to win a whitelist spot of maximum 0.2 ETH.

In total, we can allocate 4 ETH whitelist spots for the DCI Degens! We will have 20 winners in total. 🏆

What do you need to do?

1) Follow us on Twitter
2) Join our Telegram channel @MagicShibaStarter
3) Comment + Retweet our pinned post. 

Be original and Comment + #DCIDEGEN

You now have 15 minutes to comment on our pinned post. I will mention the winners username here afterwards!

dont forget to use #DCIDEGEN so we can reconize that you are from this awesome group!

DCI Degen

Goodluck Degens! You have 15 minutes to comment on the pinned post. We also want to provide the opportunity to answer 3 questions from the community. feel free to ask your question, and Cedric will pick 3 of them.

Magic Shiba Starter

Feel free to ask guys! looking forward to the questions

Question 1:

Can you explain: how is your  Token distribution? How many tokens will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team???

To start, our tokenomics can also be found in our litepaper, which has been shared above. But I will share it again. But to dive deeper into your question,

All tokens will be released from the presale at launch, meaning a 100% unlock for both presale and public sale. Additionally, it’s an important fact that there are no tokens allocated for the team and advisors.

In our presale, we value equality. We don’t want anyone to have an advantage over others. That’s why we’ve chosen a maximum allocation per person to prevent any large whales from dominating our supply. 

The total supply will be MSHIB tokens.

Question 2:

Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?

I think this is a great question that you’re asking. I also believe that many projects don’t pay enough attention to this aspect.

As a web3 gaming studio ourselves, we have the resources and experience in house of building a fantastic UI/UX . We have experienced UI/UX designers who know exactly what a user wants to see on a platform to have a pleasant experience.

Additionally, the core team has actively participated in launchpads and private sales in recent years. This allows us to steer towards the goal of having a good and clear UI/UX.

Question 3:

Where i can get all the latest news about? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

🖥 website: MagicShibaStarter.com

📩 Telegram: https://t.me/MagicShibaStarter

🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/MagicShibaStart

Magic Shiba Starter

Shall I do 1 more?

DCI Degen

One more 😜

Magic Shiba Starter

Okee! I saw this question. Would love to answer this one in more detail.

Question 4:

Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? if yes please share it with us.

Yes, definitely! As I mentioned before, we’re not focused on raising as much money as possible or attracting as many people as possible. Instead, we want to hold a selective presale with individuals who can add value and help take the project to the next level. This includes KOLs as well as an active and strong community.

We are targeting KOLs who want to support and believe in us for a longer period, and we want to reward community members who are active and contribute.

Although we have only just begun, we have already garnered some attention from different KOLs. We have shared some of their names in our announcement channel!

Furthermore, we have an ambassador program for community members. Participate in our contests and be active to secure your spot on the whitelist!

DCI Degen

Thank you, Cedric, for all the information about Magic Shiba Starter. It sounds very promising, and I think there is definitely a market for investors who need a secure environment on the Shibarium network. 

The community is looking forward to the winners and wishes you the best of luck with the project

Magic Shiba Starter

Thank you for the trust, and we look forward to welcoming the DCI Degen community to our chat and platform! I will announce the winners in the next 30 minutes.

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