Safe & Quality Projects

Experienced wizards are searching for safe and high-quality projects. The Shiba wizard school is known for its exceptional standards, and only the best projects are accepted into the school after a thorough examination.

Become a staking wizard

With a wave of your wand you stake your tokens and embark on a journey to earn APY. Using your newfound skills you start earning APY. These APY is based on the dark spell of selling Shiba Wizard. Learn more in our blog.

Shiba starter enables its loyal community to make a lot of magic internet money by being the first in many new Shibarium projects. 

Stake MSHIB to gain acces to initial coin offerings on Shibarium and expand your circle of doggos!

Yer a wizard hairy! MSHIB has launched on Friday 19th of May. We are listed on Uniswap. Contract address: 0xb4039240E71535100BE947116c778d5D98bd9f62

To be part of our amazing kennel of Shibas ofcourse! Also, to receive the following benefits:

  • Stake MSHIB to participate in ICOs
  • Stake MSHIB to receive coin & NFT airdrops from partners!
  • Hold MSHIB to see our community grow and go to the moon with us! 

The MSHIB team consists of veterans in the magic crypto world and they have taken every measure possible the keep the shibas safe. 

A contract audit is done by Contract Wolf with a 98% score!


Stay safe fellow shibas!